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AI Platform

MINDsLab’s Artificial Intelligence platform, ‘,’ has an outstanding scalability, and it learns new information every day.

Integrating various AI solutions into one Platform

How does differ from others?
  1. is flexible to diverse types of AI services.
  2. provides AI services in a “Plug & Play” manner.
  3. is equipping itself with the latest AI algorithm.

Business Applications

maum VOC

maum VOC is a solution which analyzes voice of the customer.

maum AQC

maum AQC is a solution which visualizes and automatizes the quality control process.

maum RTA

maum RTA is one of the most advanced contact center solutions which assists the agents to improve their work performance.

maum Chatbot

maum Chatbot helps to increase customer satisfaction rate and the quality of service via 24/7 service.

maum English

English education service based on Artificial Intelligence technology.

maum MRC

maum MRC provides answers to professional-level questions.


MINDsLab provides various types of API to help our client to build their own chatbot services.

maum Academy

maum Academy provides courses on MINDs Lab’s own AI platform,

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