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MINDs VOC-Understand Your Customers

From gathering your customers’ voices to delivering key reports to your desk, MINDs VOC allows you to hear ALL of your customers’ ideas in real-time. With top performing STT(speech-to-text) engines and AI-driven analysis mechanisms, MINDs VOC allows you a Seamless Interaction with your customers.

AI Platform -Customize Your AI Services

You can create your own AI solution with key AI engines and flexible AI With unlimited possibility, our platform can perfectly integrate to numerous business fields, whether it be financial, insurance, electronics, retails, or customer services industry


Discover features and benefits of MINDs Lab’s own Chat Bot service. Our goal is to improve the productivity and to offer better ways to communicate for our client. (This video is made in Korean only)

AI Services

Take a look at to find out more about our AI services

AI Customer Service

Book an appointment or find the nearest service center with AI virtual agent


From chit-chats to task performing bots, MindsBotcan chat with you about countless topics.

AI English Tutor

If you want learn to speak English, your AI tutor is available for you 24/7 to help you to practice English.

MINDs Lab is an artificial intelligence platform firm and provides AI solutions and services. Since 2014, Minds Lab launched big data analysis and expanded to artificial intelligence solutions. Now, as a frontier of AI industry in Korea, Minds Lab has always developed and provided the cutting-edge AI technologies to the market.Our goal is to provide AI solutions that empower human and grow businesses and to build AI network and professionals. We have also established the corporations in U.S. and Canada to expand AI networks internationally.

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