Our Technology

Key AI engines of MINDs Lab, “Cognitive Brains”

MINDs Lab’s AI engines are operated by deep learning algorithms and  machine learning data.
Key AI engines are STT(Speech to Text), NLU(Natural Language Understanding), Question Answering and more.

Also, Exobrain engine, which is the end result of the largest government funded AI project in Korea,  is provided through maum.ai



Dialogoue Act Analysis

Dialogue Domain Analysis

Spoken Dialogue Engine

Word Embedding

DNN document Classification

Machine Learning

Natural Language Understanding

Data Mining

Predictive Analysis

Face Recognition

Image Classification

Optical Character Recognition

Sentiment Analysis


Search Engine

Big Data

Video Analysis

Question Answering


Engine Bot and Service Bot

MINDs Lab’s unique Service Bot is created by combining Engine Bot with contents like education, Wikipedia, and finance  

Machine Learning Data

MINDs Lab’s AI Solution is progressing through machine learning. Voice recognition, sentiment analysis, domain classifier Q &A and more AI engines  come together to build the best solution.   

Specialized solution for question answering, Wise QA

With Wise QA you can interact with the AI software by asking questions and being provided professional level information. Also, you can experience question answering mechanism using natural language processing.

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