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Customize your AI Service

You can create your own AI Solution with key AI services and flexible AI platform – With unlimited possibility, our platform can perfectly integrate to numerous business fields, whether it be financial, insurance, electronics, retails, or customer services industry and more. is..

 AI Platform understands the users’ intension and emotion by interacting with them and find the right information. Like building blocks, AI engines can be combined in many ways depending on different usages.

Cloud AI Service

Cloud-based AI Service

One Platform

Integrated Platform for developers, business partners and users


Building AI networks with entrepreneurs, professionals, companies and many others


Offered in Korean, English and expandable to different languages

Your ideas become feasible with is expandable and scalable. Various forms of data are transformed into AI services, such as homepage chatbot and English conversation. You can access to the service by apps, on web and by hardware devices.

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Try our own AI platform,
Currently, the platform is serviced in Korean only.
English version will be serviced soon with updated features.
Please download pamphlet (English) for more information.

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