API Service

API Service

MINDsLab provides API services for our partners to try out our engine bots. By using the API services, users can enjoy Chatbots with a variety of functions. You can get an access to the API via javascript, Java and etc. MINDs API is flexible, scalable solution which helps our partners to develop AI products and services.

Available API

Korean STT

– baseline 8K
– baseline 16K

English STT

– baseline 8K
– baseline 16K(TBD)

Natural Language Analysis(NLP)


MINDsLab provides STT and NLP engines that can be applied to the various types of customer center by thoroughly analyzing client data. Expand your business with MINDs API.


  1. STT : by convert voice recording into texts, you can save the data without taking too much room at your server and have an access to the data whenever you want.
  2. STT + NLP: The company can easily analyze structured and unstructured data by converting human voice into texts.
  3. STT or NLP: Users can create brand new app by using individual API

How to use MINDsLab API

  1. Please leave a request for API service to MindsLab API team.
  2. When you connect to the API Service operator in MindsLab, you can discuss further how you can activate your business.
  3. You can download SDK in GitHub. It provides from Javascript and Java Platform.
  4. Based on SDK you can use chatbot ID, client ID and client key. It is starting point for API client programming.
  5. You can check information regarding API usage analysis and billing fees in Maum.ai

Services charge

More API services will open soon with standard pricing model. Contact our API team, if you have future question.


The SDK for development platform provided by MindsLab is as follows.

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