Why MINDs Chatbot?

Chatbot is a communication channel that responds instantly to customer inquiries, enhancing client’s convenience. Powered by the best AI engine in Korea, MINDs Chatbots provides services to companies and their customers.

User Benefit

Obtaining answers 24/7

Easy access to the information without complicated web searching

Hands-free service suitable for situations like when you are on the road

Company Benefit

Increasing customer loyalty through 24/7 service

Wider exposure to on-line channels such as SNS

With clear data visualization as the end result, providing better customer service

How MINDs Chatbot is different?

Diverse AI Engine

Accurate Natural Language Processing

High performance of intension classifier

Connectable to SNS Messenger

Voice Chatting

Various input/output channels

Discover MINDs Chatbot

Your customers royalty is drastically increased by offering them 24/7 MindsLab Chatbot service. Discover more features and benefits of MINDs Chatbot and start Chatbot service with MINDs Lab right now.

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