Specialized AI solution for answering questions

With Wise QA you can interact with the AI software by asking questions, and you will be provided professional level information. Also, you can experience question answering mechanism using natural language processing.

Financial/Public Service

Financial and Public Service

Professional industries

Helping a decision making process for professional industries

Law suit/Patent

Supporting professionals with law suit and patent issues  

Intelligent terminal as artificial brain  

Utilizing intelligent terminal as artificial brain  

Core Technology of Wise QA

Natural Language Processing

 Understanding the context, vocabulary, and grammar

Technology of Knowledge Training

Learning from the Big Data and creating knowledge training set

Question Answering based on Natural Language Processing

Understanding questions on natural language processing and deriving answers from structured and unstructured data

Machine Reading Comprehension

MRC (Machine Reading Comprehension) is one of the most advanced AI technology which is able to understand the context of the texts and to answer questions. With MRC technology, MINDsLab opens up opportunities for diverse business applications where question and answer method is used.  

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