MINDsLab provides Artificial Intelligence Platform

Why maum.ai ?

MINDsLab provides an artificial intelligence platform called maum.ai.
maum.ai delivers AI services and helps customers to stay up-to-date with the most recent AI technology.


All of our algorithms, engines, big data, and business applications have been integrated into one platform “maum.ai”. It allows the use of various business applications in a “Plug-and-Play” manner.

Our Solution, maum.ai

Over the last few years, many companies, especially those in the B2C industry, attempted to integrate AI into their products and services (e.g. chatbot, virtual assistants, smart machines). However, most of them are facing the following critical problems:

Customizable AI Platform

maum.ai consists of 5+ modules (Brain, M2U, MLT, BOT, API). Any combinations of these modules can be provided to create an ad-hoc artificial intelligence platform that perfectly meets the different needs of companies.

Plug & Play

With maum.ai, businesses no longer have to design and build the complex AI infrastructure from scratch. maum.ai has integrated complex systems into one platform that allows the use of various business applications in a “Plug-and-Play” manner.

The most recent AI algorithms

Our platform is packaged into smaller modules whose algorithms are constantly updated with the latest ones. This way, maum.ai can meet the need for new technologies while maintaining the stability of its overall system.

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maum.ai helps business to grow. On maum.ai various types of AI services come to life.

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