Machine Reading Comprehension

maum MRC can analyze any types of documents

MRC (Machine Reading Comprehension) is one of the most advanced AI technology. It comprehends the texts and offers answers. With MRC technology, MINDsLab opens up opportunities for diverse business applications.

Accurate recognition of unstructured data

maum MRC offers accurate answers to your questions even from unstructured information. Without reading the whole contents of the news, blogs, or a manual data, you can the direct answers.

Understanding paragraphs

maum MRC gives you answers quickly and accurately. Even with the large volume of texts, there is no time lag. Not only it offers you short answer patterns, but it is capable of communicating with you by using long answer patterns.

The first MRC engine specialized in Korean

Unlike existing global engines specialized only in English, maum MRC is the only Korean MRC engine available in the industry. Based on 100,000 Korean MRC data, maum MRC provides the best MRC service.

Applicable to a wide range of industries

It is much simpler and quicker to find the information you needed. Instead of searching the information and looking for the answer on the result screen, maum MRC comprehends the document for you and offers the answer. maum MRC can be perfectly applied to finance, manufacturing, customer service, and many other sectors.

maum MRC Pricing Model

maum MRC can be experienced after a simple user registration process. Please leave a question for details.

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