Module structure

All of our algorithms, engines, big data, and business applications have been integrated into one platform ““.

Module Structure consists of 5+ modules (Brain, M2U, MLT, BOT, API). Any combinations of these modules can be provided to create an ad-hoc artificial intelligence platform that perfectly meets the different needs of companies.

Brain Module


Controls the functions of independent AI engines. It has an optimal structure for applying the rapidly evolving AI technologies.

M2U Module


Handles various I/O commands for users and devices using our proprietary user interface.

MLT Module


Provides a training platform for machine-learning algorithms.

BOT Module


Contains bot services 
(e.g. chatbot).

API Module


Supplies RESTful API interface for businesses to build their logic.

BIZ Module


Provides real-time analysis of customers’ intention, sentiments, and goals.

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