maum Chatbot’s constant enhancements and optimizations contributed by our skilled engineers present the best performing AI engines in the industry.

How maum Chatbot is different?

Accurate Natural Language Processing

Supports multiple languages.Understands complex (“multi-turn”) conversations.
Understands contexts from conversation history. Has diverse response patterns.

Voice Chatting Service


Ability to support textual, vocal, pictorial interactions.Capable of real-time Speech-to-Text transcription. Responses are available as text and/or audio.

Social Network Messenger


Supports API for developers. Available in Kakaotalk, Facebook Messenger, Line, and more. 

User's Benefits

24/7 Service

Easy access to the information without a complicated web searching

Hands-free service suitable for situations like when you are on the road

Company's Benefits

Increasing customer loyalty through 24/7 service

Wider exposure to online channels such as SNS

With clear data visualization as the end result, providing a better customer service

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maum Chatbot helps our client to earn customer loyalty.
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