maum English easily detects broken English. From an extensive research on the prospect users’ accents, grammar, and language usage, maum English offers an excellent AI education service including pronunciation check and grammar check.

Why maum English?

Recognizing Broken English

Combination of general STT engines with Korean speech data. 

STT recognition test result: 85 % accuracy on both native & broken English

Pronunciation Correction & Semantic Correction

Recognizing the weak point of Korean speakers in terms of pronunciation.
High Accuracy of detecting the Korean speakers and offering the best quality pronunciation tool in the industry.
Preparation material for English proficiency tests such as TOEIC and TOEFL.
Required high level of AI technology, no similar services available.


Can be used from basic level to academic English (TOEIC and TOEFL)
A variety of scenarios such as hobbies, congratulation speech and phone calls etc.
Various paraphrasing expression
Ex) Thank you- I am grateful, I am so thankful, I am very touched etc.

maum English Services

Word Pronunciation

Evaluate the speaker’s word pronunciation, stress, and intonation.

Sentence Pronounciation

Provide feedback on the speaker’s pronunciation and fluency.

Grammar Check

Check grammatical points such as preposition and tense errors.

Reading text

Evaluate the speaker’s fluency while the speaker is reading a paragraph.

Picture Question

Ask several questions based on the picture and then the speaker answers that questions.

Multiple Choice Question

Provide clues and the speaker figures out who it is, or what it is just like “What/Who Am I” games.


Give sentences with various tenses in Korean. Then the speaker translates that sentences into English.

Pattern Drill

Substitute one or more keywords, and the speaker makes new sentences with the given keywords while maintaining the basic patterns.


Provide three key expressions in each unit, and the speaker can use them while doing role-play with MindsEnglish.

Demonstration video


Multiple choice Quetions

Pattern Drills

Picture Question

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