Minds Lab is a professional AI company that understands/moves quickly the latest technology each time, and apply it to their system immediately.

MINDs Lab is a professional AI company. We accelerate progress on latest AI technology based on our speed and agility. MINDs Lab is a professional AI company. We help businesses in bringing about innovations through our high level of AI technology. Via innovative services such as AI Platform, maum ai and AI Contact Center, we provide users the new experience that is fundamentally different from other enterprises.

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AI Contact Center

MINDs Lab supports an omni-channel AI contact center that integrates its analysis systems with agents and Chatbots. Once the AI ​​contact center is formed, customers can get information that they need through conversing with agents and chatting with a Chatbot. In addition, corporations can use various types of customer center analytics, data, and real-time Agent Support Systems through the AI platform.
maum chatbot


maum ai is an integrated AI Platform for speech, vision, and cognition that reflects cutting-edge AI algorithms. Start AI contact center with maum ai including chatbot services. maum ai also supports visual intelligence solutions and a smart factory framework.

maum API

Upgrade your business by utilizing MINDs Lab’s AI engines. We provide the latest Question and Answering, document classifier, Speech to Text for Korean and English, Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) as API.
  • video STT Speech To Text Strong and Accurate Performance
  • video Deep QA Deep Question Answering Machine Reading Comprehension
  • video XDC eXplainable Document Classifier Accurate and Powerful document classifier


The goal of Eco MINDs is to create a win-win strategy for startups, research institutions, universities, and investors by establishing AI ecosystem together.

Maximize your profits with MINDs Lab’s own end-to-end AI technology and service by joining this excellent partnership opportunity.

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