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maum chatbot portfolio

MINDs Chatbot is an AI chat solution that can be used freely in any field.
Chatbot services based on maum is applicable to various industries including finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and public institution.
portfolio 01 HAI Bankings KEB Hana Bank
Award Winner of the Global Best Digital Bank Award.
The Smartest Chabot with an Image Detection Feature.
  • As the digitalization movement prevails in baking, KEB Hana Bank needs to come up with banking service that allows users to conduct all of their daily transactions with the plain languages and the user-friendly interface in order to offer the better service than their competitors. Also, many branches have to be closed down due to the change.
  • As a solution to that, KEB Hana Bank has implemented AI into its existing banking service. The AI banking covers services used the most, such as a fund transfer, product recommendation as well as bill payment and foreign currency detection. It was recorded that the rate that Chabot provides the right answer is 97%, and it is almost 100% accuracy in the case of image detection.
  • The AI banking serviced by KEB Hana bank and developed by Minds Lab has received the Global Best Digital Bank Award. It has set the solid standard of AI chatbot among the competitors.
Demo Video 1 Demo Video 2
portfolio 02 AI Voice Bot A insurance Company
Outbound calls become much simpler with automation.
20% less cost in maintenance.
  • Agents at the A insurance company conducted a compliance check through calls after telemarketing deals are closed. Although the compliance questions were closed-ended questions and scripted, it took a lot of time and costs to conduct those calls. In addition, the amount of stress and the workload were too much to take for the agents. Thus, the turnover rate of the position has been always very high.
  • AI Voice Bot is a solution that combines AI voice generation and chatbot technology. To solve the problem that the company has it for a long time, AI Voice Bot was applied. By replacing simple and repetitive tasks into automatic, the company was able to save 20% of the maintenance costs. Also, because agents became free from all the repetitive tasks, they could focus on other types of tasks that need more human assistance.
  • As a result, the overall parts of the telemarketing department became stronger in performance, at the same time, saved costs and time. Currently, AI Voice Bot is widely being in various industries and most prevailed in finance.
portfolio 03 Telephone English that you can see Easy Talk
The first AI English service with voice recognition in Korea
97% Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Minds Edu who services telephone English finds that many of their students are having some difficulties with focusing on the session because the lesson is conducted over the phone and the students don’t have enough chances to review the materials. The company has changed its service from the traditional way to AI English.
  • In 5 minutes from the session, students receive the corrections of the day which the instructors chose from the transcription done by the AI engine. It helps the students to learn more effectively and the teachers to give feedbacks more efficiently.
  • This particular method of learning has never been presented in the industry. As the next step, mAI English, AI-based pronunciation, and conversation practice will be combined with the service so that the students can practice expressions based on the topics of the feedback they receive.
portfolio 04 Ddubot Daegu Metropolitan City
Transfer the repetitive civil related tasks into automatic.
Recognized with the shortest service processing time
among 6 metropolitan cities in Korea.
  • As there are countless inquiries from the citizens of Daegu metropolitan city such as passport and license plates, employees at the city hall suffered from a great deal of stress. It has negatively affected the workers in terms of their work performance and the job satisfaction.
  • As a solution to that, the city had developed chatbot called “Ddu Bot.” Not only did it provide the inaccurate answers, but also it was very limited in the categories of questions. Minds Lab has applied the latest AI technology to the existing service and achieved a great success in transferring it to the AI Civil Bot.
  • As a result, the city was able to decrease the service processing time by 91%. It was recorded as the shortest time in the whole nation. It has been over a year since Ddu Bot has been actively up and running and helped so many users and the employees. Also, it has recieved “Smart City Asia Pacific Awards 2018” which is hosted by IDC, the market research institution and international assessment institution of Smart City.
Experience Ddu Bot
portfolio 05 Automatic Quality Control Solution C Insurance Company
93% of Detection Rate
43% increase in overall work efficiency
  • Employees of C insurance company had to listen to each file and manually check whether there are incomplete sales. It was not a cost-effective nor time-effective method.
  • after maum AQC (Automatic Quality Control) has started up and running in their system, the company saved cost and time on QA since AI conducts the automatic QC.
  • As a result, the employees’ overall work performance has been increased by 43% with much more shorter time for QC (40 min/call versus 15min/call). Also, the detection rate has reached 93 %. Now, the company is considering applying AQC to other departments of the company.
portfolio 06 AI Generated character sound B Game Company
Saved over 80% cost in the game character development
AI Voice with the characters' real emotions: Happiness, sadness, and boredom "
  • Recently, the global game company has replaced the characters' voice from recordings to the AI voice for their new children's game which will be launched soon.
  • Before either voice actors recorded the voice, or the company would use the traditional way of voice synthesis. The downside of those old methods was that every time there were new contents, the voice actor needed to record the contents, and it cost the company much money to make the characters' voice. The existing Text to Speech generated a machine-like sound, and with this low-quality sound, it was hard to express emotions and characteristics. B company has been successful in adding unique flavors to their characters by using Minds Lab's AI Voice.
  • The new characters of the B company were capable of express the six most common types of emotion, including joy, sadness, and boredom. Since the character sounds almost like a human, it has attracted a lot of attention in the industry. Most importantly, it saved time and cost. In fact, the company was able to save 80% of the character development cost due to the AI Voice.

maum chatbot friends

maum chatbot is an AI chat solution that can be used freely in any field.
It provides AI agent service and chatbot service based on a knowledge base.
Sully Company introducer BOT [Sully]
Sully, the company introducer, is a sociable chatbot who wants to let people know everything and anything about your company!
Sully is like an official speaker of your company.
With Sully, you can instantaneously share important information about your company’s products with your customers.
Joey Human Resource BOT [Joey]
Joey, the Human Resource BOT, is a diligent chatbot.
He is your go-to guy for any human resource-related questions.
Do you want to know about your payroll status or outstanding vacation hours?
Instead of going through a complex corporate intranet, you can simply ask Joey.
Even if you are out of the office, he is still available for you!
Mini Kids Educator BOT [Mini]
Mini, the Kids Educator BOT, is a friendly bot that delivers stories that moms and dads want to tell their children.
Mini can read fairy tales, sing songs, and enjoy video clips with your children.
Mini can deliver your messages to and emotionally connect with your children.
NOAH The Smarty BOT [Noah]
Noah, who wants to answer all the questions in the world, is a chatting encyclopedia.
Dr. Noah can answer anything from any field including history, science, sports, and so much more!
Dr. Noah will be there as long as someone needs encyclopedic knowledge.