MindsLab: Experts advancing rapidly with the future of AI in mind. We drive enhanced user experiences that is radically different with out state-of-the-art AI technology.

What We do

Equipped with AI algorithm to AI applications and services, Minds Lab integrates the AI supply chain. With speed and agility, we transform the latest AI research into products and services and make a profit. This is our core competency.


In order to manage AI supply chain more effectively, MINDs Lab organizes Eco MINDs network and works with companies with different specialties.


MINDs Lab is a young company founded in January 2014. With, we are expanding our business both domestically and internationally.


Feb.ㅣ Official Launch of AIaaS, a Subscription-based AI Service

Mar.ㅣ Korea SW Enterprise Competitiveness Award, Ministry of Science and ICT

Mar.ㅣ Series C Investment Attraction (17.3 billion Won)

Apr.ㅣ Korea Economic Daily President Award, 2019 Korean ImpaCT-ech

May.ㅣ Opened mAI English App Service

Jun.ㅣ Implemented World’s First Speech Separation (Voice Filter) Technology

Jun.ㅣ Published maumAI portfolio book and E-book

Jul.ㅣ Donated 2,000 ‘Pororot’ AI Robots

Jul.ㅣ Released 10 APIs, Including the Latest AI Engines for Voice Separation and Image Generation

Aug.ㅣ 2019 Seminar to Introduce the Latest AI Engines and Services

Aug.ㅣ maum Academy’s Official Curriculum Released

Oct.ㅣ Opened Streamer Services using Voice Generation Technology

Oct.ㅣ Launched maum SDS SaaS type Chatbot (Used in RedTie Butler 2.0)

Nov.ㅣ Exceeded Over 300 Monthly Subscribers (MAU)

Nov.ㅣ Artificial Intelligence Grand Prize, 2019 Korea Computing Division

Nov.ㅣ 1st EcoMinds Day

Nov.ㅣ Opened Voice Album Service

Mar.ㅣ MIINDS Lab-PwC Business Forum

May.ㅣ Prime minister Award, 2018 ImpaCT-ech

Jun.ㅣ Awarded the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at the Korea Startup Awards.

Aug.ㅣ Launched hybrid artificial intelligence customer center service (HAICC)

Aug.ㅣ Renewed AI robot 'Pororot' equipped with the latest artificial intelligence of maum AI


Jan.ㅣ Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance’s Visit “Leaders of 4th Industrial Movement in Korea”

May.ㅣ Business Seminar with the launch of MINDs Lab’s own AI Platform ‘

Jun.ㅣ Series B investment attraction (4 billion won)

Sep.ㅣ Recognition of Excellence, ITU 2017

Dec.ㅣ Minister Award, 2017 Korea ICT Award

Jun.ㅣ INDs Lab AI Cloud Products and Services Launching

Aug.ㅣ Series A investment attraction (4 billion won)

Dec.ㅣ Awarded as a promising ICT company (K-Global 300)


Aug.ㅣ 1st Funding from VC

Nov.ㅣ Deep Learning based Smart Home Voice Interface Device Development R&BD project

Jan.ㅣ MINDsLab founded

Jan.ㅣ Social Big Data Analysis Platform Service (MINDs Insight)

Feb.ㅣ Gov’t. Registered R&D corporation 1:1 Tech. support, ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)

Jul.ㅣ 100 Best Practice Award (R&D) from the Government of Korea

Dec.ㅣ Realeased integrated VOC analysis solution (i-VOC)

Global Network

Our global offices instantaneously catch the most recent AI trends, readily apply that to our products and services and distribute them to different continents.

global network